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Montgomery County Report

The data we have collected through the Point-in-Time Count, although helpful, is not adequate for our understanding of housing instability within Montgomery County. The information above was collected on one day, and is limited information.  With more comprehensive research we can better address the needs in our community to eradicate homelessness.  If you are interested in being a part of this research project, please let us know through our "Contact Us" tab. Working together we can bring about long lasting solutions!

12.8% of respondents in the Montgomery County Point-in-Time count reported serving in the Armed Forces.  Median length of service was 6 years.

Every year HUD requires all Contiua to collect data on homelessness at a single point-in-time during the last week in January.  The following local statistics are from the data collected on the day of  January 22, 2015 by members of the Montgomery County Homeless Coalition utilizing the HUD survey.  

In no state can a minimum wage worker afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent, working a standard 40-hour work week.  

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2015 Point In Time Count