Charlotte's House

Charlotte's House meets people where they are and gives them the resources to help create a better everyday life.  We offer the following services:

Emergency Shelter


Care Packages

Help with job applications

Referrals for additional services

Contact: Nikita Terry


Volunteers of America is a church without walls. Since 1896, we have answered God’s call to transform lives by reaching and uplifting America’s most vulnerable.

We do this through a ministry of service led by more than 16,000 professionals, working across the country to touch the lives of 1.5 million people each year. We seek to serve the needs of the whole person (mind, body and spirit) by bringing together the human service agency and the church. We provide assistance to people of all faiths and never require those we serve or those we employ to participate in worship services or to acknowledge specific beliefs. Yet, from our very beginning, Volunteers of America’s work has been and continues to be motivated by God’s love. We have answered the call to be a ministry of service that sets Volunteers of America apart.

Contact: (936) 788-2660

Angel Reach is a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps children and youth between the ages of 16-24 achieve their full potential in spite of the obstacles placed on them by broken families and a broken system.

Contact:  936.2023.8498

​Faith-Based Organizations

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We are a group of people who long to hear Jesus say, “Well done!” We strive to do everything we can to further the gospel in the mission field that the Lord has called us to.

600 S. Frazier Conroe, TX 77301
Contact: (936) 447-0258


We, the community of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, are called to nurture, live and share our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ striving for love, justice and the salvation of all for the glory of God.

Services provided are:

  • Emergency assistance with utility disconnection
  • Vouchers for one week at the salvation army
  • Rent eviction notices
  • Medical prescription assistance
  • Limited Conroe and Metro Bus tickets
  • Many social services

Contact: 936.756.8186

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