Montgomery County Homeless Coalition, Texas 



The Montgomery County Homeless Coalition understands that we live in a constantly changing world, and change requires innovation and constant evaluation of methods to eliminate poverty and homelessness in our community.  We are committed to bringing quality research,  evidenced based methods and training to our community as we seek to eradicate homelessness and poverty.  

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The Montgomery County Homeless Coalition exists to be a catalyst for the community  to collaborate so that optimal results may be obtained for those needing assistance.  We know that we can accomplish more when we work together for the common good of all.   

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Working with the Texas Homeless Network to end homelessness in texas! 




The Montgomery County Homeless Coalition advocates for change on various levels.

  • We advocate at the agency level for the ethical, fair treatment of all who seek services from community agencies.
  •  We advocate at the community level for healthy dialog  between community members and community leaders to create policies and programs that will remove barriers in Montgomery County  which prevent people from rising out of poverty.  
  • We advocate at the state and national level for policies which consider both economical and social outcomes that will empower all people . 

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Homeless Services in Montgomery County